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Welcome to the second edition of Grupo Bimbo's innovation program,

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where we seek entrepreneurs with remarkable projects, innovative solutions, and a positive impact on the cookie and bar sector of our industry.

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Bimbo OpenDoor is...

Driven by Bimbo Ventures, this open innovation platform represents Grupo Bimbo's exploration and training program with startups. Its purpose is to establish strategic connections with highly innovative startups, with a special focus on products in the food sector.

In its first edition in 2022, Open Door partnered with startups in the baking and snacks sector, where 11 startups from 7 different countries participated, including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

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Harness our capabilities to grow your startup

Each selected participant will benefit from mentoring by Grupo Bimbo's leaders and managers, as well as external guidance. They will have the opportunity to access the company's global infrastructure to strengthen their projects. At the end of the program, they will present their collaboration proposals to a forum of senior company executives.


Our search verticals

We are looking for innovative startups in the cookies and/or bars sector that participate in one of the following verticals:

For children

We are seeking passionate entrepreneurs who create delicious and healthy products for today's children. If you share our vision of providing nutritious options that win over parents' hearts, we want to get to know you. Let's bring innovation to every bite. From the use of cutting-edge ingredients and production technologies to the creation of interactive packaging that delivers a unique experience for the little ones. Join our platform, and together, let's build the next generation of cookies and bars, merging fun and well-being in a way never seen before in the market.

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Guilt-free indulgence

We're on the lookout for cookies and bars that offer indulgence without guilt. If you're a daring entrepreneur who crafts delicious cookies with natural ingredients to satisfy cravings, Bimbo Open Door is awaiting your arrival! We partner with startups that share our passion for delivering delightful products with a distinctive touch of well-being. We're seeking unique ingredients and innovative processes that preserve the authentic flavor of our cookies so that every craving is accompanied by more natural ingredients. Join us, and together, we'll create cookies that captivate those in search of healthier and more delicious options.


Traditional - Homemade

We are seeking cookies/bars that capture the authenticity of traditional recipes and the love of grandmothers. If you are a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating products that evoke nostalgia and convey love through flavor, Bimbo Open Door invites you to participate! We are looking for startups that share our commitment to culinary craftsmanship, crafting cookies and/or bars with a unique and traditional touch. Simultaneously, we are open to innovation to explore new horizons. Together, we will experiment with culinary techniques and creative presentations to maintain the homemade essence and familiar taste in each product, but with surprising innovations. Join us, and together, we will create cookies and bars that provide comforting moments with every bite.

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